When should I visit?

October - November

12C - 28C / 54F - 82F

  • Kanha at its most green, lush and dense.

  • Flowing waterways and large deer herds in the meadows.

  • Warm daytime temperatures with cool mornings and evenings.

Wear layers, including a sweater/ fleece and a hat.

December - January

-1C - 24C /30F - 75F

  • Enchanting morning mists and occasional frost.

  • Gorgeously crisp evening light. Day-long wildlife activity.

  • Very chilly mornings/ nights. Pleasant daytime temps.

Wear many layers including a hat, scarf, gloves, thermals and a warm jacket.

February - March

12C - 34C / 54F - 93F

  • Kanha in blossom and changing colours.

  • Cool mornings, with afternoons becoming increasingly warm.

Wear layers, including a sweater/ fleece, a hat for the morning and a cap for the afternoon.

April - May

18C - 43C / 64F - 109F

Dry, hot forest provides easier sightings, especially during early morning and last light.
Hot days. Evenings/ mornings are usually cool and fresh. Mid-May is very hot, often with a heatwave.
Wear a light sweater, cap and a cotton scarf to dampen around your neck.


24C - 38C / 75F  - 100F

  • Pre-monsoon showers refresh the forest, bringing early blooms. Sightings at their best!

  • Hot days. Cooler mornings and evenings. Can be humid.

Wear cool cottons and a cap. 



What essentials should I pack?

  • Binoculars

  • Sunscreen and lipsalve

  • Refillable water bottle

  • A light waterproof jacket or kagool

  • Forest-coloured clothing

  • Earplugs

Which currency is accepted?

We accept Indian Rupees, UK Sterling, US$ and Euro's. 

Payments can be made via bank transfer.

Please note that we are unable to accept debit/ credit cards or traveller's cheques.

Which electricity plugs work?

Indian plug sockets take either 2 or 3 round pin plugs. The voltage is 220V. A razor socket is provided in the bathroom. You will be able to charge all your equipment in your tent on a daily basis. 

Which tropical illnesses do I need to watch out for?

Malaria is prevalent in the area. We provide a local repellent and burn citronella oil to deter mosquitos. Anti-malarial medication is recommended but a personal choice. 

Dengue fever, Japanese Encephalitis are NOT found in Kanha. Rabies is uncommon.